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Parish Magazine February

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Every month we produce the Freshford, Limply Stoke and Hinton Charterhouse Parish Magazine free of charge.  It is distributed to approximately 450 households across the three villages, as well as to our local shops and the different churches in the Parish. 

The purpose of the magazine is to provide news and updates from the three Parish churches including details of forthcoming services.  We also share dates and times for local groups across the Parish who meet regularly, interesting news from our different community groups, information about forthcoming one-off events in the villages and other content such as nature updates, local history pieces and interviews with different villagers about areas such as literature, art etc.

We always welcome news and updates from across the three villages.  Please contact our Editor Ghika Savva-Coyle via to submit content to the magazine.  Please refer to our submission deadlines below.

The magazine is also a valuable 'directory' resource, containing advertisements from local tradespeople, shops and suppliers of professional services.  Please contact our Advertising C0-ordinator Nicola Smith via to discuss advertising opportunities within the magazine.  The details of our advertising rates are listed below.  Please also refer to our submission deadlines below.

Freshford, Limpley Stoke and Hinton Charterhouse Parish Magazine Advertising Prices January 2019 edition onwards.


   One off advertisements (1 month)     Price 2019
        Full A5 page approx 5”x7”


       Half A 5 page approx  5”x 4”


        Third of a page approx 5”x 2 ½”


         Quarter A 5 approx 2 ¼ ” x 3 ¼ ”


  Full year advertisements    Price 2019
         Full A5 page approx 5”x7”


         Half A 5 page approx  5”x 4”


         Third of a page approx 5”x 2 ½”


         Quarter A 5 approx 2 ¼ ” x 3 ¼ ”





·         The magazine is A5 size – in black and white.

·         We print in greyscale using black in only.

·         Since mid-2018 we have increasing distribution to cover all the 3 villages in the Parish for free!

·         The magazine can also be found at Galleries Shop, Freshford, St Peter’s Church, Freshford, St Mary’s Church, Limpley Stoke and St John’s Church, Hinton Charterhouse.


COPY DEADLINES - Parish Magazine 2019

Magazine Month             Submission Date

January                                 6th December

February                               10th January

March                                    7th February

April                                       7th March

May                                        11th April

June                                       9th May

July                                        13th June

August                                   11th July

September                            8th August

October                                 12th September

November                            10th October

December                             7th November

January 2020                       5th December

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