Penny Murray
Church Warden

I have lived in Freshford for over 30 years, and have been a member of St Peter’s Church ever since coming to live in the village. I am now in my fourth year as a church warden, which I regard as both a privilege and an honour. It is a role which has given me not only insight into the Church of England but has also given me an opportunity to meet many new people.

At St Peter’s, we are currently working on an exciting project which will transform the church building. The reordering will include the removal of the pews, to be replaced by more adaptable chairs, a new heating system, and complete redecoration. There will be kitchen and toilet facilities as well as proper access for the disabled.
Ultimately, our vision is for the building to be used more widely for community activities, in addition to its main role as a place of worship. We want it to be comfortable and welcoming for all.
And, as Bishop Peter reminds us,’ as Churchwardens , we share with the Incumbent and PCC , in the responsibility for building ( and maintaining) relationships with the local community and the evangelical, evangelistic and social life of the church’.